Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

The New French Revolution

The French people, who are widely recognized for their expertise in cooking delicious food, don't understand how such a contradictory blend of two completely opposite cultures cannot be digested and leads to severe food poisoning. Even if the current events calm down, the escalating tension will continue to approach the explosive social situation in France. The idea of assimilating French culture into immigrants will not gradually fade away, but will inevitably face a reality where the immigrant culture takes over France. The French people themselves may have to flee and become immigrants all over the world because their country will no longer belong to them. In fact, their country is no longer theirs.
In France and across Europe, many migrants have chosen to leave their home countries for a better life, embracing their preferred culture and enriching their new homes with their own valuable heritage.

These migrants bring great value to the economies, societies, and cultures of their host countries. They have enhanced Europe with their unique culture, delicious food, wisdom, and values.

However, Europe, like the United States, also faces an influx of migrants forced to flee due to exploitation, manipulative leadership, and unbearable conditions in their homelands.

These forced migrants don't aim to change or adopt the culture of the countries that caused harm to their homelands. They hold deep resentment, a desire for justice, and a natural urge for revenge. They see their new countries as rightfully theirs, as these nations have developed and prospered at the expense of their colonized and exploited homelands. These migrants are driven by necessity, not choice, compelled to flee from the destruction of their homeland.

It's unrealistic to expect forced migrants to suddenly embrace the people and cultures that destroyed their homes. Just like a child cannot forgive those who harmed their family and stole their resources, these migrants carry deep wounds.

The debt owed by colonialist countries to the victims of colonialism is practically impossible to repay. Therefore, we must recognize that forcing integration in situations where stark cultural and religious differences exist has worked well in different parts of the world.

Libya and Iraq were once prosperous and magnificent countries before being destroyed. Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi are not our cup of tea, just as our leaders may not be their glass of whiskey. We should refrain from arrogantly regarding them as inferior or ourselves as superior. We are simply different, not better or worse.

The West shouldn't be surprised that victims of occupation and colonialism demand justice and seek prosperity. It's a consequence of what has been taken from them.

To prevent forced migrants from flooding countries and seeking revenge, we must restore happiness, wealth, security, and peace to their homelands. We need to address the consequences of mass exodus caused by Western destruction.

It's not about integration, but rather about rectifying what has been taken from these migrants.

The West must wake up to the reality that its culture is not superior, but merely different. It can't attract the victims of colonialism with its culture alone.

In summary, Europe must not succumb to Islamophobia, just as Muslims must not be driven into hatred towards other religions. Every religion deserves equal respect.

The West should welcome immigrants who wish to integrate, regardless of their religion or origin. Simultaneously, humanitarian solutions must be provided to improve conditions in countries that force their populations to migrate.

If tensions continue to rise, France could face an explosive social situation. The French people may even have to flee and become immigrants worldwide, as their country will no longer belong solely to them.

The riots in France are not a warning exclusively to France; they serve as a wake-up call to the British, Germans, Italians, and others who disregarded the timely counsel of Viktor Orban. He is not against foreigners or other religions; he opposes the erosion of his country's culture by assuming responsibility for forced immigrants who are not in Hungary due to any fault of the Hungarians themselves, but rather as a direct consequence of colonialism, occupation, and the plundering of natural resources by other European countries.

Oh ya 292 days ago
Why should the French leave. The people need to find someone to run the country unlike that guy that is married to his mom and round up all these sub 70 IQ invaders and ship them back to the jungle. I hope the French can find at least one guy with a pair to take over and clean house


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